Improve Productivity and Achieve Targets Every Time

Equipping a sales person with the right sales tool to do the best job will always
optimise sales from their account territory.

Sell more on every call and improve share of customer

Always well informed and fully prepared for every call

Increase productivity and selling time

Sales Teams

By centralising customer data you also enable a healthy culture of "information sharing". When every member of the sales team has access to up-to-date information - whether mobile or office based - automatic nominated alerts highlight the customers that need to be targeted (including which products they should be buying). Your business need never miss out on another sale again.

  • Fully informed and prepared for every account call.
  • Optimise selling time = improved productivity.
  • Customisable dashboards to suit individuals needs.
  • One click access to customers sales - be forewarned of any new sales opportunities or potential issues and respond pro-actively.
  • Customisable alerts to prompt you of opportunities and exceptions
  • Alerts to customer drift before it is too late
  • Instant Gap analysis
  • Simple recording and viewing of call history via mobile or PC
  • Fast, effective call preparation and customer review.