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Vecta User FAQs - your questions answered

Immediately you come on board with Vecta we guide you through everything - the set-up, implementation and data provision.

The easier it is for you the happier we are.

Our knowledgeable Services team will ensure that you have all the information you need to start using your data effectively. When we arrange your Training it is developed to suit you, whether that's in-house with us, at your Site, online or, if preferred, a combination of all three. Training is always customised to make sure that every member of your team is up and running and their time and results are optimised as quickly as possible. And of course it doesn’t stop there, we'll always be at the end of the phone when you need us.

User Support FAQ's

Q: As a Vecta user who should I contact first if I have a support query?

A: When you go live using Vecta we will provide you with all of the relevant contact information that you might need. Our Support Desk is always manned during office hours and would be your first port of call for any data, reporting, hosting or general database queries. You will also be provided with another dedicated contact to assist with any other questions or queries you may have, to help you get the most out of Vecta.

Q: What's the most efficient way of accessing enquiries that I use on a regular basis?

A: We will help you to set up any regular reporting that you need to undertake, this will either be as a one click Dashboard item or as a saved 'Favourite' enquiry to give you instant access to the most up-to-date data.

Q: Can I personalise my Dashboard to give me information tailored to my specific needs and how?

A: Your Dashboard may already have been pre-set for you by your in-house Vecta Administrator - if not, you can use the 'Edit' option to change, move or add new information to your dashboard view. If the 'edit' is not available to you just contact your company Vecta administrator for help. Most dashboard windows have a 'chart' icon in the top right hand corner enabling you to switch between a range of views (table, line chart, pie chart etc.)

Q: I can see the best performing accounts on my Dashboard, how do I see all of my accounts?

A: Simply press the green 'play' icon in the top far right of the relevant window - that gives you a full overview of all your accounts, the ability to sort them and drill down into more detail.

Q: I want my sales team to see all of our accounts but only have access to their own sales figures; how is the best way to do this?

A: When setting up your Users you have full control of the level of data or which customers they can access. You can choose the best Dashboard view to suit their job role and may also choose which statistics they have access to, for example it may not be appropriate for everyone to see cost and profit information.

Q: Can I manage my sales opportunity pipeline in Vecta?

A: Yes - Vecta enables you to customise your own pipeline categories and stages ready for individual entries to be added. This provides you with a consistent and centralised overview of all sales opportunities and values.

Q: We are a multi company organisation - can we have more than one company in our database?

A: Vecta is very flexible when managing multi-company, multi-division or multi-branch organisations. You can easily create a hierarchical structure to ensure that each person or group of people are accessing the relevant results appropriate to their level of responsibilities.

Q: I am using the Vecta Diary, I would like to see them in Outlook too - is that possible?

A: As long as your email address is entered into Vecta you can send any Task or Appointment from your Vecta Diary to your Email/Calendar system. For users of Exchange Server or Office 365, two-way synchronisation is available enabling the user to view their Outlook entries in Vecta and to update Vecta Tasks via Outlook.

Q: Could Vecta be used as a sales tool for managing multiple opportunities within one project?

A: Vecta incorporates a Project Management module which enables the co-ordination and collation of sales information relating to single or multiple company(ies), projects or opportunities.

Q: Can I store relevant documents and files within Vecta?

A: Documents and images can be stored against individual company records and projects, this ensures that your sales people are able to access all relevant customer or prospect information in one place.

Q: Does Vecta run introduction and refresher webinars?

A: When introducing new functionality we offer open Webinar sessions and from time to time run product and 'best practice' refresher sessions for Vecta Users. You can also request individual Webinar sessions which can be customised to your individual needs.

Q: Is Vecta compatible to work with the GDPR EU Data Regulation changes?

A: Yes, there are two elements to this:

  • The Vecta hosted service complies with the prerequisite conditions of the EU GDPR regulations to act as your data processor.
  • The Vecta software helps you to manage and track any personal contact data held or used by your organisation to ensure you comply with the new regulations.

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