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Optimised call lists

Quickly and easily optimise your call lists with Vecta

Automatically generate targeted call lists

Use the wealth of sales intelligence to spot opportunities and challenges and to generate your call list, don’t miss the chance to engage with your customer when you need to!

Make the most of your time by allowing Vecta help you to prioritise calls. Not only will you improve your success rates, you can also record any information you glean that will be helpful with other opportunities. It really is that simple!

The best CRM software

Completely integrated with powerful sales analytics, Vecta manages customer sales and contact information in one place giving your telesales team relevant information instantly, showing them who to call and what to talk about on one screen.

Ensuring effective use of time with focused customer calls, Vecta maximises sales results and minimises lost revenue - your team always have access to the full range of customer information as they need it.

  • Easy-to-use profiled call lists to help plan your day
  • Instantly visible sales trends, changes and gaps
  • Immediately accessible contact information
  • "Call Manager" - open account information as each call comes in
  • Speedy call logging and forward diary planning