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Pinpoint your best prospects

Vecta sales automation software helps you determine who your best prospects are and creates highly targeted campaigns in seconds! Pick up on seasonal trends, increased product penetration and enhance spend mix for every account quickly.

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Target new and current customers

It's nothing new, we've all had customers who we suspect are also be buying from our competitors. All's fair in business as they say, so take advantage of potential link or up sell opportunities, or simply identify where your customers are not buying but should be.

  • Protect against margin erosion
  • Improve awareness and market share
  • Create targeted campaigns in seconds

Effective campaign lists are generated almost instantly and easily monitored with Vecta quickly identifying slow sellers or cross, up and switch-sell opportunities across the entire customer base.

With this level of predictive analytics developing targeted campaigns based on product, geography or customers, becomes effortless.

  • Easy to monitor campaign activity and success
  • Anticipate customer needs - safeguard against product 'cherry picking'
  • Manage prospective accounts effectively

Make a positive impact on your sales pipeline with Vecta