Powerful management information and sales visibility

Gardman Garden Supplies

“Vecta really helps me to beat targets and to decide and plan where my time is best spent; it also identifies additional sales opportunities and highlights any issues that arise enabling me to deal with them quickly I am now completely self-sufficient with all of the information I need, when I need it and how I need it.”

Gardman supply over 4000 garden, living, wild bird care and pet care product lines to garden centres in the UK, and export to 35 countries. With international sales accounting for 16% of group turnover, whic has increased from £1.4m in its first year to in excess of £60m today. With a multi-million pound stock-holding ready to be delivered on demand, comprehensive sales analysis including accurate customer and product trend awareness have become vital elements of their sales and stock management.

Gardman, the UKs leading garden products supplier

The Gardman team recognised a need for a more efficient feed, both to their staff and their agents, of accurate sales and account related information.

  • The company employs a team of independent sales agents to work with an extensive customer base, so accurate 'real-time' information is vital to providing a knowledgeable and personal service to customers.
  • Clear visibility of each customers' sales trends is vital - a software solution that would ensure consistent and constant stream of sales trend information to each individual irrespective of their location was vital.
  • The management team at Gardmen appreciated that driving direct proactive alerts or prompts to the Sales Agents would help them in terms of selling their significant stock investment.
  • An added advantage of a central sales management solution was the ability to alert the remote sales team to specific customers' needs instantly.

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