Speedy return on investment

Delivered for just a few £'s a week with minimal IT resource needed and users 'live' within days, you can be sure that you'll see an impressive return on your investment in Vecta.

Customers confirm that in addition to noticeable improvements in efficiency, Vecta has helped them to win back previously lost business, reduce spend attrition, fill gaps and significantly increase associated product sales, ultimately resulting in revenue growth and a higher share of total customer spend.


Full return on investment within 3 months of using Vecta

Through clear and fast visibility of actionable information and sales opportunities, Vecta drives more productive use of time, client relationships are enhanced, profits are protected and sales targets achieved, often resulting in a full return on the investment within as little as 3 months.

Traditional CRM has a reputation for low adoption and low ROI, but Vecta is different, it’s a tool that sales people actively choose to use. They appreciate that real benefits are available to them from day one; admin and planning time is significantly reduced and productive selling time increased. With Vecta feeding relevant opportunities, prompts and reminders directly to each individual, meetings become more effective and targets are achieved.

Managers immediately see compelling advantages with invaluable savings in time and effort, enhanced visibility of their business responsibilities and easier and quicker production and dissemination of information across sales teams, departments and even branch locations.


What makes us different? 

Our business success depends on yours and we believe that it's really important to tailor your package to the business requirements you outline to us – we aim to identify and fully understand your objectives, needs and data to ensure that we offer your business the best possible licence, service and training package.


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