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Vecta Version8 Launch - 2015

Award winning Sales Analytics & CRM Solution Update

This week Vecta8 was launched, a new and improved Vecta, created to offer a faster and more progressive sales management solution with a range of new technology and functionality improvements and an enhanced and contemporary visual style.

Vecta’s multi-award winning Sales Analytics & CRM was first developed in the 1990’s as a Sales Management and Sales Intelligence tool with the full range of Sales professionals in mind. A unique concept Vecta provides a complete and detailed Sales overview, from the Sales Directors reporting needs, through to the distribution of Sales Opportunity Alerts for field-based sales or tele-sales staff.

Logging into Vecta yesterday, Vecta8 users will have encountered an enriched user experience and a wide range of ‘quality of life’ improvements resulting from valuable user feedback and in-house development expertise.

Changes to the software include an improved ‘Search’ functionality, that delivers simpler, shorter query processes and more streamlined working practices for users. Greater graphic visualisation of data enabling a clear representation of the sales position, ultimately reducing analysis time and ensuring speedier sales decisions at all levels.

In Vecta8 ‘responsive design’ also delivers enhanced dashboards and graphics with superior display options on every type of screen across all platforms, from mobile web technology to desktop or large screen presentations. Vecta’s improved ‘Alerts’ configuration also make sales alerts much easier to create using pre-populated system defaults enabling the Sales Management function to deliver more opportunity alerts directly to the sales team in the field.

Chief Executive of Vecta, Julian Wassell said of the Vecta8 launch: “The new version of Vecta we have released offers users significant functionality and productivity improvements, which of course translate into financial and time savings for our customers. Using the latest technology the Vecta team is constantly working on updates and improvements, however Version 8 also delivers a combination of new functionality alongside a fresh visual style and greater user friendliness, which we consider to be equally important for customers using Vecta on a day-to-day basis”.

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