Payback of the entire investment was over achieved within 5 months


“In the run up to Christmas we were able to identify and contact our customers who had not bought Christmas themed products so we saw considerable growth in our order book for those products against last year.” 

The Company

Established in 1972, Lynas Foodservice Limited is one of the largest frozen and fresh food distributors in Northern Ireland serving thousands of customers daily. A family run business, the ethos of Lynas Foodservice has always been that the customer comes first.

With headquarters in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, Lynas have the capacity to deliver a quality and friendly service throughout the country with over 50 Lorries on the road everyday and a sales team of 24 supported by an internal telesales team.

Lynas have thousands of customers across a wide range of catering establishments including hotels, sandwich bars, pubs and restaurants and have always endeavored to optimize their customer service by advising their customers and maintaining regular contact to ensure regular business.

Identifying The Problem

Whilst the mostly long established sales team have always been efficient in noticing if a customer dropped in spend on one of the top few core products, it was a very time consuming and fairly manual process to check out exactly what products a customer was not buying, or had stopped buying and to prepare effectively for customer visits. The Lynas Management Team recognized that opportunities were being missed and identified a need for a more efficient way to manage the team and to have better visibility of trends, spend changes and product sales by Sales Person, Customer Category and Customer Type as well as individual Customer.

Lynas considered a number of solutions that would fulfill their data needs but recognised that most would still need input from their IT department and required generation of numerous reports. They selected Vecta for the flexibility, speed and ease of use and have been delighted with the results and response of the sales team.

Nigel McCullough, Commercial Manager commented: “We have found Vecta so easy to use – it is extremely user friendly and the information is presented in a fool-proof manner. We now have full visibility of the sales information we need -it is accurate and takes seconds to produce. Our team now spend time addressing opportunities rather than analysing and investigating data. Since introduction of Vecta our sales team are constantly hungry for information and motivation levels are better than ever as great results are being achieved.”

Improved Productivity & Customer Relations Since adopting Vecta the Lynas sales team have increased call productivity by over 20% and each call is more effective as the team are now highly prepared using Vecta.

Lynas Foodservice delivering over 6,000 different lines