Key account growth of 15%

“Vecta Sales Analytics & CRM directs our sales people to the customers they should call and identifies precisely what each of those customers should also be buying from us, allowing us to maximise the value of every single call.”

The Company

Screwfix (a subsidiary of Kingfisher PLC) is the UK's largest direct and online supplier of trade tools, accessories and hardware products, with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. Screwfix operates from over 200 trade counters and their state-of-the-art central distribution centre based in Stoke-on-Trent ensures a best in class next-day delivery promise.

Screwfix’s UK website offers 24 hour access to over 18,000 stock lines and power tools at trade prices, dispatching tens of thousands of parcels every week for next day and weekend delivery to tradesmen, handymen and serious DIY enthusiasts all over the UK. With an annual turnover of £515million in 2011, the company holds in excess of 4 million customer records and offers a true multi-channel service. Within such a large active database, several thousand key trade and multi-site accounts are managed by the Screwfix Key Accounts Teams.

“Key Accounts has become a very profitable area of our business,” says Martyn Sheppard, Business Services Manager at Screwfix, “our challenge is to ensure that we continue to provide outstanding levels of customer service, whilst still focusing our people on the best revenue and margin opportunities.” 

Screwfix, the Uk's largest multi-channel retailer of trade tools, accessories and hardware products

 Sales Intelligence helps us sell

Vecta is a powerful and easy-to-use Sales Intelligence & CRM solution designed to improve sales efficiencies and results. It will automatically identify and alert the team of gaps in spend, link-sell opportunities and potential problems with lost or drifting customers and generate detailed information on further opportunities, prompting sales professionals to sell more proactively. Vecta also highlights alternative and additional related products to increase the value of a sale, alongside easy-to-use and effective CRM.

The Business Services team at Screwfix is predominantly office-based, working from the company headquarters and call-centre based in Somerset. Martyn Sheppard, Business Services Manager, discusses the problems of growing key trade accounts, whilst being limited by the reporting and analytical capabilities within the incumbent systems at Screwfix:

“Before we deployed Vecta, we were able to run reports and see those customers whose overall spend was in decline, but we did not know the reason why or the detail of the decline. We struggled to articulate this information in a meaningful way, or deliver it to our Account Managers in a timely manner, in order for them to make their sales calling time more effective. Our team therefore required a way to easily identify and interpret information about our existing customers, their ordering patterns and sales opportunities.”