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Q:  How secure is our data when it’s imported into Vecta?

The security of your data is our highest priority. Vecta has multiple levels of security with public facing HTTPS certified interfaces encrypted using the same protocols as those used to protect credit card transactions. With 24/7, 365 days-a-year manned security, internal secured server rooms, strictly limited access to all locations , automated fire suppression, uninterruptible power supplies, multiple fire walls, back-up generators, multiple internet connections and regular internal and external security audits, you can be confident that we take the security of your data as seriously as you do. Our business depends on it.


Q: How does Vecta manage user access?

Users access Vecta through a secure web browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Each user access employs a triple level of security including database number username and password. Only authorised users can access the system and the password must be entered each time the user wants to login.


Q: How does Vecta differ from other CRM solutions?

Most conventional CRM solutions are focused on solely managing customer and prospect contact information. These tools are predominantly reactive and used mainly to store notes after meetings or phone calls. Vecta combines that CRM functionality with sales intelligence, analysing customer transactional history and alerting sales people when their accounts stop buying or display a downward buying trend. Vecta also prompts the sales person into proactive actions to address associated product sales, or opportunities to increase margins via switch or up selling. By ensuring your sales team spend their time in the areas with the best possible returns, Vecta maximises your sales teams' productivity and increases the return on the investment you make in them.


Q: Do I need lots of IT resource to implement Vecta?

Vecta requires very little involvement from your IT team. We will manage the implementation process and as Vecta is a completely hosted solution there is nothing to install and it is extremely quick to implement.


Q: How do I get my sales team to buy into and using this sales tool?

Although Vecta is really powerful and can analyse a complex array of transactional history almost instantly, it's also extremely simple to use. Sales people can gain access immediately to all of the information they require with just a couple of clicks. When they start using Vecta and personally experience the benefits of improved organisation, increased sales, and easier territory management, it's not long before it becomes their first port of call every morning.