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'Use Tech to support your people'

Builders Merchant News - January 2018

... Companies now concentrate their efforts more on their people by properly equipping them with the tools to do their job more effectively, to improve business performance and productivity.

Historically there was a belief that people could perform from their own acquired knowledge; now 95% of successful sales-led people prefer to have constant access to relevant information and data to help them to achieve measurable customer growth and retention.

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Use technology to support your sales people Builders Merchants News

The Huws Gray challenge for Vecta

... The challenge was to better equip branches with insight and information to guide decision making and highlight sales opportunities without relying on Head Office for reporting. Once adopted, Vecta quickly delivered tangible benefits, with the team spotting and acting where customers were not buying associated products. The result, increased spend and more lines purchased as the sales information is now presented to the team in a usable and workable format.

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Fastener & Fixing Magazine - May 2017

Easily Identify ‘Winners, Losers and Deserters’

As a growing company, Orbital prioritised opportunity optimisation and have benefited from the ability to quickly identify and handle issues such as attrition or spend changes. They equip their sales team with the tools to prepare effectively for every call, gain a real handle on buying patterns and new opportunities and concentrate on great customer relationships. Classifying ‘winners, losers and deserters’, i.e. those customers spending more, spending less, or who have stopped buying, proved a highly beneficial exercise and can be done in seconds whenever needed.

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