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The full picture at a glance

A sales CRM offering instant and centralised access to your customer management database to help promote a healthy culture of "information sharing" - one source of truth.

Vecta on tablet, mobile and desktop

With consistent contact data and accurate spend analysis guaranteed, the immediate visibility of your customers and a 'suggested sales' activity dashboard makes every day more productive.

Vecta's Business Intelligence tool delivers outstanding sales results, often described by sales people and Sales Managers as their 'online business Bible' - it really is the ultimate sales rep management software.

  • Access up-to-date customer data and sales details - whether in the office or mobile
  • Gain an in-depth appreciation of your customers, their buying patterns and needs
  • Automatic nominated alerts highlight the customers that need to be targeted (including which products they should be buying)
  • Ensure that a consistent message is delivered by every member of the business