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A virtual finger on the pulse of your sales operation

A virtual finger on the pulse of your sales operation image

Every touch point, sales interaction and customer fact impacts on how you sell to, market and service your accounts. Life is so much easier when your sales management software gives you instant tracking of sales information, contact activity and the progress of your full sales pipeline - all in one place.

Vecta delivers all of that and more

Created with sales driven businesses in mind, Vecta enhances sales productivity and profitability for large customer base organisations with extensive product ranges.

Discover a whole new world of effective sales and use the best CRM for an independent sales team.

It's time to take the next step to ...

  • Accelerate sales for your B2B Wholesale Distribution business
  • Keep track of your best-selling and most profitable product lines
  • Spot customer spend variations and new opportunities at a glance
  • Identify who has been contacted, how often and when; or, who might actually have been missed

Automate your customer contact planning, scheduling and monitoring. Make sharing multiple and simultaneous sales actions easy. Using pre-planned ‘Alerts’, easy-to-follow ‘to do’ lists and diary entries linked to full account details at the click of a button, your sales call cycle management becomes effortless.

"Vecta encourages a proactive sales approach, even on incoming calls" ...