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Supercharge your sales team to boost sales results and beat targets

Making every conversation count

Making every conversation count image

You'll quickly see a difference when your sales people go into customer meetings fully equipped with detailed, up-to-the-minute information fully aware of buying trends, sales gaps and opportunities.

By unlocking the valuable information hidden within your transactional data Vecta produces powerful analysis of customer purchasing, spend opportunities and contact history at the touch of a button – anytime, anywhere.

One easy click is all that's needed to produce a comprehensive review document ahead of any customer meeting to make every conversation relevant and productive.

  • Boosts retention and enhances customer relationships
  • Helps grow customer share - highlights gaps and link-sell opportunities
  • Provides a clear overview of customer accounts from every angle
  • Speed up sales meeting prep and make conversations relevant
  • A visual illustration of purchasing potential ‘v’ actual spend

"Since introducing Vecta our motivation levels are better than ever and we're achieving great results. Productivity is up by over 20%"

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