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Vecta knows what you need before you do ...

Intuitive, powerful and effective

Intuitive, powerful and effective image

Vecta sales management software and sales CRM helps you to take the guesswork out of sales by adopting a structured, dynamic and responsive approach to your processes. Equip both your sales and marketing teams with the ultimate sales management tool to help protect, manage and develop your customers - then sit back and watch as your bottom line blossoms.

The three steps to predictive analytics for sales success

Step 1:

  • Your day in one click - switch on in the morning for an instant and personalised dashboard overview of every opportunity and aspect of your sales operation and territories.

Step 2:

  • Prioritise actions - scheduled “prompts” and alerts tailored to each member of your team, provide immediately actionable information to optimise sales results and profitability.

Step 3:

  • Make every visit and conversation productive - instant call preparation equips your team with relevant facts to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of every customer and untapped potential.

Increased sales productivity and profitability and a motivated, proactive and efficient sales team.

A sales performance solution developed for informed selling - make sure that your sales team are fully equipped to take action before your competitors do!