A complete picture of sales, profitability and opportunities

Make Vecta your first port of call every morning to monitor, plan and manage your sales operation. 

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Enhance sales team productivity and achieve targets every time

Equip your sales people with the right tool to improve efficiency, boost territory results and consistently hit targets.

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Sell more on every call!

Vecta ensures that your telesales people know who to speak to and what to talk about to achieve best results every time. 

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Sales actions straight to your device

To accelerate sales revenue choose Vecta - the first choice sales management solution for wholesale distributors.


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Reduce the strain on your IT team

Making team members self-sufficient substantially reduces demand on IT and finance departments to produce complex reports.

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Exceptional marketing campaigns time after time

Successful campaigns rely on the ability to extract targeted data and contact information. Combine actual buying patterns and CRM information to quickly pinpoint the customers most likely to buy.

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